Each year, 10% Alliance and Allies holds a number of quality programs on the FSC campus in order to raise awareness and promote understanding for the GLBT community here. This year we plan on holding a mixture of new events and some that we have done in the past which have been successful.  10% is always looking to join with other clubs on campus and co-sponsor events which will reach across more of the campus as it's very important to us to have a strong sense of community.


-Safe Space Program for Faculty, Staff and Students
-AIDS Quilt/ event surrounding Quilt Presentation

-Promote awareness or transgenderism and bisexuality

-Ruth Ellis Move Night

-Day of Silence
-Breaking the Silence Party
-For the Bible Tells Me So
-"Shag Bags" to help promote safe sex
-Bus trip to Provincetown
-LGBT and Allies Dance
-Hate Crime Awareness Event
-Planning and implementing a GLBT Mentoring Program
-Increase the number of co-sponsorships with other clubs on campus
-Increase awareness of 10% events on campus through advertising

If you have an idea for a program or a co-sponsorship, please email us at

2008-2009 EVENTS

-Condom Carnival
-Ruth Ellis Movie Night

-Milk Movie Night with milk & cookies served

-Day of Silence T-Shirt Distribution
-Breaking the Silence party
-Transgender Speaker

-Cosponsored Bingo with SUAB

-Day Trip to Provincetown
-Attended NELGBT Conference
-For the Bible Tells Me So Movie Screening cosponsored with FSC Protestants

-Rainbow Party

-Cosponsored Sandbox and gave away over 100 10% T-Shirts
Promoted safe sex practices through pamphlets and distribution of condoms