Minutes - October 12th 2007
12:30pm Club Room III


Jackie Geilfuss
Chelsey Matheu
Emily Loughlin
Paige Sowa
Danny Stone
Faith Doherty
Joey Bazinet
Briana Komola
Colleen Maxfield
Emma Palmer

Jillian Brice
Justine Bonitatibus
Julie Murray

Total = 13


-Lack of respect at meetings issues
-Coming Out Day: how’d it go? Pamphlets- almost all gone, candy, stickers-gone in minutes
-Human Rights Campaign; stickers and window clings: equality window clings   HRC Bulk?  Possibly lower prices
-Fundraising:  Sell bracelets? Rainbow cookies?  Uno’s night?
-Trop to P-town for campus, priority to club members
-Movie Night TONIGHT!  7:30 McCarthy’s: “But I’m A Cheerleader”
-Constitution, new name for the club?  More inclusive… Ideas for new name:
             Pride Alliance, Spectrum, Acceptance, 10% still, GSAA, BGLA, CommonGrounds, Peace (promoting                    equality and community everywhere)
-Transgender Remembrance Month (November)
                  Speak out with Women’s Empowerment (2nd)
                  Lifetime movie: “A Girl Like Me”

-AIDS quilt: Our event!