Minutes - November 16th 2007
12:30pm Club Room III


Danny Stone
Julie Murray
Joey Bazinet
Faith Doherty
May Ferri
Kirsten Steinbach
Jessica Wiggin
Jax Churchill
Ashley Barry
Emily Loughlin

 Paige Sowa
Chris Donovan
Kelsey Brennan
Chelsey Matheu
Keith McNally
Jackie Geilfuss

Total = 16


·   Good thing/Bad thing
   Coming up:  Week after Thanksgiving…
26th-  Easel with our events
27th-  T-shirts table and PRIDE DAY!  Stand out and be seen; wear rainbow colors!
28th-  Speak-Out Boston, Pierce Hall 7:00… Ads in Res. Halls, club and faculty mailboxes
29th-  Tableing with Health Services for World Aids Day
   Good news: Can use donations for class and club!
   Aids quilt, working on it.
   Red ribbons with facts for table and World Aids Day
   Ornament for the Holiday tree?  Yes