Minutes - September 28th 2007
12:30pm Club Room III


Jackie Geilfuss
Chelsey Matheu
Paige Sowa
Danny Stone
Emily Loughlin
Julie Murray
Ashley Barry
Danielle Foley
Jillian Brice
Isabel Cohen

Briana Komola
Colleen Maxfield
Emma Palmer

Total = 13


Jackie:  Matthew Shephard Act
·        Discussion- Lamarie Project (possible movie night?)                             
·                    Bring in troupe from Lamarie Project (Paige will look it up)
·        Act- passed 9/26, crimes against gays included in federal definition of hate crimes
Danny:  Link to facebook in next e-mail
New Shirts:  look and thing about quotes about equality and acceptance for back of shirts
            Will have shirts by coming out day?  Probably not, want better quality
10/11 Coming Out Day
·        Tabling, October is Gay History Month
·        Event ideas: dance, movie
·        Move and Dance?
·        Decided:  Movie
Later in the year: Speak-Out speaker to come… Co-sponsorwith Women’s Empowerment
           To Be GLAD day
            Series of speakers, possibly, talk with psych department for extra credit to attend